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The patient with burns presents a difficult challenge to most health care personnel. Emergency Management of Severe Burns Course is based on the principle that timely emergency assessment, resuscitation and transfer provide the best chance of recovery in our patients with burns. Ultimately, the patient that we will be called upon to manage with burns, and perhaps with associated severe injuries, should benefit from this course.

The aim of this course is to provide sufficient factual information regarding the presentation, diagnosis and initial management of the patient with severe burns, to enable medical and nursing practitioners to deal competently with this urgent and often life-threatening problem.

The Nordic EMSB course follows the trauma management protocols as taught by Royal Australian College of Surgeons in their Emergency Management of Severe Burns course. The course is developed by Australian and New Zealand Burn association (ANZBA) and organised here by the Finnish Plastic Surgery and Burn Care Education and Development Association. The course is organized in Nordic co-operation and the instructors of the course are from Finland and Norway. 

The course is appropriate for medical and nursing practitioners who might be required to provide initial management to patients with severe burn injuries e.g. those working anywhere in the field of burn care, anaesthesia, trauma, pre-hospital and emergency medicine as well as those working in isolated areas.

Participants will get a course manual before the course. Material should be read well before the course. The course day consist four parts. The day starts with two hours lectures. They will outline the course proper and will reinforce the reading manual. After lectures the participants are divided to groups and the day continues with group work. Second part consists of skill stations which teach important practical aspects of burn patients e.g. airway management, escharotomies and transport. Third part is interactive discussion groups which teach electrical burns, multi-trauma and paediatric burns. Fourth part is simulations with moulage burn patients. At the end of the course the participants will take a written multiple-choice exam as well as clinical test with moulage patient.

The course includes a lot of group work and only 24 participants can be accepted to the course.

Course language: English

Course fee: 595€

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